Rapid Message Testing

Go beyond traditional polling and double the effectiveness of your messaging through randomized controlled trials.

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Connecting with the Suite of Grow Progress Products

Start with Audience Understanding Surveys to learn what values and motivations better resonate with your target demographics. You can take these insights to Rapid Message Testing to quickly determine what messages move your audience, it will also identify what messages create backlash, and what messages don’t make an impact at all. Within days you’ll know how to move more people, rather than testing without a clear strategy.

How Rapid Message Testing Helps You Persuade More People


Our data scientists give you the rigorous evidence you need to change hearts and minds — and they make it easy to understand your results.


News happens fast. Now you can respond quickly with confidence. National tests can be run in a matter of hours, and most state tests within a few days.


You can run a Rapid Message Test for as little as $320. Use all that money you save to persuade more voters.


Our clients typically increase their message effectiveness by an average of 200%, saving time and money.