Persuasion Library

Draw inspiration from over 3,000 effective messages used by members of your industry

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Connecting with the Suite of Grow Progress Products

Once you’ve identified your audience’s values and beliefs in the Audience Understanding Survey, you can explore the Persuasion Library to see what worked, what’s backfired, and what’s not made an impression at all on your target audiences. You can use that inspiration and additional insight to craft and vet content using Rapid Message Tests to not only see what works, but why.

How the Persuasion Library Helps You Persuade More People


Refine your messaging with confidence as you browse past client’s work, searching and sorting with just a few clicks to hone in on your audiences and issue area.


Get quick, actionable ideas to help launch fresh narratives and strategies.


See what worked for others to help strengthen your messages, starting your message testing with your best foot forward.


Access over 3,000 messages, videos, images, and ads tested by users across industries and sectors