Introducing Persuasion Sandbox

What is Persuasion Sandbox?

Persuasion Sandbox is an AI-powered persuasion message generation partner, now available to all Grow Progress clients. We hope you’ll use it to come up with new and creative messages to test, and maybe even some ideas for messaging that you’d never think to try!

The Persuasion Sandbox tool offers quick and simple ways to try out a range of approaches to persuasion, using different tactics and moral values. If something it generates doesn’t feel quite right, it allows users to pivot instantly and try a new idea.

How Can I Start Creating Messages?

First, state your persuasion goal and your main argument. For example, a persuasion goal might be “I want to convince people to support new local solar power generation projects,” and a main argument might be, “they will bring new money into the local economy.” 

Then, select one or more persuasion tactics. Each of these is a method that might make your message more effective, like repetition, social proof, or moral reframing. The tactics available include a wide range of persuasion techniques drawn from psychology and political science research.

You can also specify values the message should appeal to, like compassion, merit, or patriotism. This might help your message persuade audiences with different worldviews, experiences, and political perspectives.

Lastly, if there’s anything you want to be sure Persuasion Sandbox does or avoids doing when creating a message, just say so in your own words. You might say “write it at an eighth grade reading level,” “create a 30-second radio script,” or even “write in the style of Darth Vader.” In the “don’t” category, you might say “avoid the word ‘delve’” or something more conceptual like “don’t talk about anything but the benefit right now to people in the community.” This is entirely up to you (and we’re curious to see how you use this).

Hit submit, and in a few seconds, you’ll have the first draft of a message. You can copy it right into a message test, paste it into a Google Doc and make edits, or stay right there and change the prompts to generate a new version of your message. Remix until you’re happy, and then go and test and see how your message performs!



We set out to build something that helps advocates and campaigns expand beyond the boundaries they’re used to, to shake things up and get out of a rut. We hope Persuasion Sandbox sometimes delivers new and dramatically effective messages, but, even more importantly, we hope it expands the range of ideas our clients test.

You’ll hear more from us soon about the ways in which we’re thinking about the balance between AI-generated content and ethics in message development, and some ways we’ve explored these boundaries and best practices internally. But most importantly, we want to hear from you.

Please explore, experiment, and most importantly, tell us what you think! What’s working well? What could we improve? What would you love to see in the next version of Persuasion Sandbox? 


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