Power Your Communications with the Science of Persuasion.

Use Personality & Persuasion Science To Communicate More Effectively.

With Grow Progress, campaigns and organizations find messages that are often 200% to 500% as effective as their existing communications.

We enable campaigns to get the right values-based messages to the precise voters likeliest to be persuaded by each.

Data That Works As Hard As You Do.

Campaigns create different messages to appeal to different demographic groups, based on age, gender, or race. But the key to persuading voters isn’t how they look — it’s how they think.

That’s why Grow Progress improves efficacy by enabling campaigns to tailor their messages to match voters’ different values and personality traits.

Persuade audiences previously thought immovable with Grow Progress' personality based segmentation.

Put Predictive Science to Work For You.

Predictive modeling has revolutionized how corporations message and advertise to audiences.

Grow Progress’ algorithm brings that innovation directly to campaigns and progressive organizations.

Improve your outreach efforts with Grow Progress' personality-based segmentation.

Win Votes Outside Your Base.

Every organization or campaign needs to win with folks outside their base.

Grow Progress' personality based segmentation allows you to get your audience the message they are most likely to respond to.

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About Us

Grow Progress gives campaigns, social good advocates, and companies the power to persuade more effectively. Our product enables customers to predict their audience’s personality traits so that they can get the right message to the right people.

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Our Team

Matt Martin
Co-Founder & CEO

Josh Berezin
Co-Founder & COO

Michael Schwam-Baird
Lead Data Scientist

Andrea MacVay
Customer Success Architect

Josh Diamond
Lead Software Engineer


Grow Progress values diverse career paths, individuals who are passionate about their work, and is committed to promoting diversity among its staff. Grow Progress offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package, including health benefits as well as work-life balance flexibility and opportunities for career development.

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