Audience Understanding

Learn what motivates the people you need

We're excited to introduce a new way to uncover what truly motivates your audience to support or oppose your cause — so you can develop messages that win over more of them.

Traditional tools need an update

Strategists spend a lot of time and money to change people's minds. Far too often, though, our messages get tuned out — or even backfire. Thankfully, there's a lot of evidence about what works to persuade people: connecting your cause to your audience’s identities and aspirations. But until now, uncovering these deep-seated beliefs has required expensive and time-consuming focus groups.

That’s why we built Audience Understanding

Our qualitative listening surveys give you an actionable creative brief that goes far beyond demographics. They let you hear from the people you want to move in their own words, while also delivering analysis of the values, emotions, and identities that are at stake when they think about your question.

Audience Understanding lets you quickly identify people who are undecided about your question and learn what specifically motivates them on it. Then you can apply these insights to tailor your messages and run them through one of our Rapid Message Tests. Within days you’ll know how to move more people, rather than throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

How it helps you win


Get the nuance of qualitative learning with the accuracy of analytics. We help you move beyond the loudest voice in a focus group to hear directly from a representative audience so that you don’t chase the wrong signal.


Get results in days instead of weeks, so you can quickly start putting them into action.


Uncover insights for a fraction of the price of a traditional focus group, so you have enough budget left over for testing.


Don’t spend all night squinting at transcripts or crosstabs — understand immediately what’s unique about different audience segments’ motivations.

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