Rapid Message Tests

How They’re Different

While traditional polls can measure your cause’s current support, Rapid Message Tests can tell you how to change your support.

That’s because people can’t accurately tell you which of your many messages changes their mind. Instead, we observe whether each individual message actually changed their mind — like in a medical trial.

How Rapid Message Tests Help You Win


Our data scientists give you the rigorous evidence you need to win — and they make it easy to understand your results without being a data scientist.


News happens fast. Now you can respond quickly with confidence. National tests can be run in a matter of hours, and most state tests within a few days.


You can run a Rapid Message Test for as little as $320. Use all that money you save to persuade more voters.


Radical affordability means that you can test a broader variety of messages, so you have the freedom to take big swings on creative ideas. Learn faster over time which ones work best — and which ones backfire. Our clients typically increase their message effectiveness by up to 200%, which is often the difference between winning and losing.

How Do Rapid Message Tests Work?

We use the same format as a medical trial: the randomized controlled experiment

We start by recruiting a representative group of the people you want to persuade from dozens of survey panels…

We randomly assign them into nearly identical groups to see just one of your ads or a placebo
(like a Geico ad)…

We compare the difference in opinion between people who saw an Ad versus those who saw a Placebo in order to measure whether your ads changed anyone’s mind…

You then get actionable recommendations on our platform about which messages persuade the most people

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